Ars Sonor & Co. – 101A 645 effluvia recordings


Some details about the album: “Pareidolia” utilizes microcassette samples by Hal McGee ( and synth improvisation by Production Unit Xero. “Synchronicity” utilizes the same microcassette samples by Hal McGee, guitar piece by Roberto Lazzarino and “lo-fi” samples by I/O. “At Periscope Depth” utilizes old tune by Pèninsolar and Mark Moody, recorded in 1996, plus synth improvisation by Production Unit Xero. “Far Away” utilizes “Sadness” improvisation by Amok III, saxophone recording by Roberto Lazzarino and piece by Takadatek – a re-work of “The Shed” from my physical release “124C 41+” (, I received the sounds in August 2011. “This World Will Never Change” utilizes guitar tune by Meklabor and sounds of ER044 (that one utilizes sounds by Mystified & Ethnomite Pux – a remix of a remix of a remix). “An Uncertainty Redux” utilizes track by Consistency Nature from ER004, guitar tune by Meklabor and summer samples by I/O. “Neotenia” utilizes another track from ER004 – “Ethereal Hullabaloo”, “Solitude” by 3bc and “Pinnacle” by William Spivey. “Further Back in Time” utilizes “Breathe Deep” by William Spivey and collaborative material by Zreen Toyz. “Richard Hammond Revisited” is a re-work of “Richard Hammond” by B.Lone Engines. And “The Challenger Deep” is simple outro.

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About meklabor

Musicant from Russia, member next projects: - Ostov (martial, dark folk) - Meklabor (Sunburzt expiriense - folk & drums) Meklabor inspired by slavonic folk traditions. Here is some bagpipe music with hardware-made ambient, distorted drums and drones.
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