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Meklabor is a project of Dmitry Vlasov, a sound artist and bagpiper from Russia. The history of Meklabor begins in 2004 when Werk 84 was formed. Vlasov experimented with fusion of ebm, drone, ambient and kraut rock. After first VST based release he decided to use hardware musical equipment only. So, after some years of experiments with various gear, local festivals and netlabel activity, concept of project was formed. Meklabor explores bagpipes and other folk instruments framing its sound with hardware-made synth backgrounds, distorted rhythms and ethnic percussion. This is not an authentic folk project, bagpipe tunes used here as a tool of traditional musical syntex. The project passed through various iterations, recorded some material under the name SunBurzt, released some recordings through netlabels and published a 7-inch vinyl. The project collaborated with various experimental artists in the past, such as i.m.m.u.r.e. (Russia) and H-LR (Israel). A lot of experience was derived from martial dark folk group, Ostov (ex. For Faith) while performing lives on the one stage with Of The Wand And The Moon (Denmark), Cyclofilidea (Russia), Noises of Russia (Russia).

Meklabor can be contacted by e-mail:

Also available via
One of first steps –


About meklabor

re is some bagpipe music with hardware-made ambient, distorted drums and drones.
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