Meklabor side project – Jarzvet released first EP

Jarzvet is a drone doom side project of Meklabor.

Debut EP contains some imprvesation guitar drones.

Listen –

Jarzvet - Hidden areas vol1


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Meklabor Prima Vara EP released on Sirona Records

Download here:

Meklabor prima vara artwork

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Ars Sonor & Meklabor – distorted light from towards a definition of the infinite (songs about space) black circle recordings

“No Quater” like track for Black Circle Records!


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Ars Sonor & Meklabor – Reeds Remixed on Effluvia Recordings

Effluvia is proud to present another collaborative work with Laetitia Schteinberg of Ars Sonor. Her last release on my little netlabel of sheer, unquestioned brilliance was an epic joint effort between more than a dozen artists, and though only one of those fellow sound manipulators joins with Sonor here, it is no less epic, challenging, and empowering. Another wonderful industrial statement on art at large, Meklabor (dmitry Vlasov) is the one who joins. Originally appearing on Effluvia as Sunburzt, here he brings his colorful sonic abrasive rhythms that glitch, crackle, expand, and shatter the inner menagerie, and never before has the shattering glass of lovecrafted critters of glass so punch-packing. Four tracks where these rhythms echo through haunted dance floors and cemetery raves. A filter of psychonautic junkyard bliss that will surely get your blood pumping with synapse pleasing vibrations, though don’t get the vibe that these tracks aren’t still a challenge to the untrained ear. A Rorschach test of psychedelic catacombs that may tickle something less pleasant than the funny bone. All of this mixed perfectly with Ars Sonor. Broad, dense ambient tundras as far as the ears can hear, a distant blizzard screaming whispers of despair inside your dreaming head, yet with such ecstasy at the same time. This album, as masterfully conjured as anything I’ve heard of either of these musical savants, will sure digest well for your ears. Falling through corridors, fingers bleeding into the reeds, the volcanoes wait for the footsteps to ascend, loudly, with a rhythm your arachnid ears cannot ever hope to hear. Thank you very much for your lovely sounds Meklabor, and to Laetitia Schteinberg, I hope, we hope, that you are doing well!

Download link –

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New Meklabor LP album – Raw Reeds – Sirona recordings [sir318]

Download –

Release Artwork by

First review (Thanx to NMMREM) –

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Meklabor & Ars Sonor – Hymn of Smog from new Ars Sonor & Co Smog – black circle records


Great droning urban fields

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Ars Sonor & Co. – 101A 645 effluvia recordings


Some details about the album: “Pareidolia” utilizes microcassette samples by Hal McGee ( and synth improvisation by Production Unit Xero. “Synchronicity” utilizes the same microcassette samples by Hal McGee, guitar piece by Roberto Lazzarino and “lo-fi” samples by I/O. “At Periscope Depth” utilizes old tune by Pèninsolar and Mark Moody, recorded in 1996, plus synth improvisation by Production Unit Xero. “Far Away” utilizes “Sadness” improvisation by Amok III, saxophone recording by Roberto Lazzarino and piece by Takadatek – a re-work of “The Shed” from my physical release “124C 41+” (, I received the sounds in August 2011. “This World Will Never Change” utilizes guitar tune by Meklabor and sounds of ER044 (that one utilizes sounds by Mystified & Ethnomite Pux – a remix of a remix of a remix). “An Uncertainty Redux” utilizes track by Consistency Nature from ER004, guitar tune by Meklabor and summer samples by I/O. “Neotenia” utilizes another track from ER004 – “Ethereal Hullabaloo”, “Solitude” by 3bc and “Pinnacle” by William Spivey. “Further Back in Time” utilizes “Breathe Deep” by William Spivey and collaborative material by Zreen Toyz. “Richard Hammond Revisited” is a re-work of “Richard Hammond” by B.Lone Engines. And “The Challenger Deep” is simple outro.

Download –

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